Features of jammers

We've all heard of stubs at least once in our lives.  They have a wide variety of uses.  Someone uses them to interrupt cellular communications, and someone for WiFi.  Today we will talk about this in more detail.
Any jammers, including wifi jamming, are very popular now.  This is because there is a growing danger of being overheard.
You must have repeatedly heard or seen in the media or on the Internet advertisements for eavesdropping on cell phones, hidden microphones, hidden video cameras and other "spy" technology.  To date, the level of radio electronics is so high that even a schoolboy can buy and use such spy equipment.
But most often other people are interested in such spy gadgets and technical means - these are the so-called "private detectives", jealous spouses, employees of law enforcement agencies, actively working competitors of businessmen, etc.
Under such conditions, just a few careless phrases recorded on spy equipment can cause irreparable damage to the reputation or business of a person or organization against which such wiretapping or covert video surveillance tools are used, which is why the topic of such information protection is more relevant today than ever, and in this fight it is very countermeasures as cell phone jammers, for GSM and GPS signals, Wifi and Bluetooth show themselves effectively.
If we talk about cell phones, then many already know that any cell phone without the use of a GSM signal jammer in the room can turn into a universal means of information leakage using special recording equipment or other special equipment and transmitters, which are used not only by special services, but also by attackers .
The presence of an "extra" person with a cell phone at important negotiations also guarantees the imperceptible transfer of confidential information to interested parties.
Therefore, in recent times, especially when it comes to important meetings, it has become commonplace to purchase "safety" technical means - cell phone jammers in offices for negotiations and business meetings, as well as portable GSM jammers and GPS anti-trackers for working outside one's own territory.
Now you know why you need stubs in which areas of activity it is better to use them. This is a really important and necessary thing, which one day can help out a lot.